Derby Schools Chromebook: ACCEPTABLE USE POLICY

Frequently Asked Questions & Guidelines for Chromebook Use

Q: If something happens to the Chromebook, am I liable for it?

A: While we are excited about the impact these devices will have, we also must prepare students to use them appropriately.  Willful abuse or misuse of the Chromebook may be addressed through the normal discipline process.  Students will also participate in lessons on the district's universal expectations for appropriate Chromebook use. This FAQ should clarify appropriate use and care for the Chromebooks.  Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.

Q: Can I personalize my Chromebook?

A: Generally middle school students are ineligible for iTunes accounts:

  • Only school installed apps should be on the Chromebook.

  • Any content installed by students may be lost when the Chromebook.

  • Lock codes are encouraged, however if they are forgotten the Chromebook will have to be restored to factory settings.

  • The Chromebook and case should be returned in the condition they were checked-out. This means they should be free from any permanent markings.

Q: Who owns the Chromebook?

  • The Chromebook is owned by USD 260. You have no rights of ownership to the hardware, it is checked out to you and you are expected to return it at the end of the school year in good working condition, with only normal expected wear and tear. Your ownership rights with items you add (apps, music, etc.) exist on iTunes, not on the Chromebook itself. The district reserves the right to remove non-district items at any time.

Q: What do you expect of me?

A: The district has developed Universal Expectations for Chromebooks

  • Respect the Chromebook

    • Treat with care

      • Secure and protect your Chromebook

      • Bring to school fully charged

      • No food or drink near it (Leave in classroom or locker during lunch.)

    • Only school appropriate content should be on the Chromebook

  • Respect your peers

    • All interaction and communication positive

    • Honor privacy of others - no personal pictures or video

  • Respect adults

    • Use at appropriate times

    • Honor “Timeout” request - screens down

    • Comply with all rules, policies and procedures

Q: What is the appropriate use of Chromebooks?

A: Chromebooks should be used primarily for class work as directed by your teacher.

  • Use of apps and tools that are not part of class work may be revoked by the teacher at his or her discretion.

  • Chromebooks should contribute to the learning experience and not distract yourself or others. If an Chromebook is taken away a student may have complete the assignment with paper/pencil.

  • When a teacher says “Time-Out,” students are expected to turn the Chromebook face down and give the teacher their attention.

  • The cameras on the Chromebook are great tools to enhance your schoolwork. Imagine creating a video to demonstrate your understanding, instead of writing a report! However, it is also very easy to use cameras for purposes that are inappropriate. Keep in mind one inappropriate image or video could not only cause you to be accused of cyberbullying, but in the worst instances could lead to legal charges. Be good digital citizens! The Federal Education Right to Privacy Act states that students have a right to keep their image private. This means taking pictures of other students (particularly without their permission) is illegal.

Q: What will we use the Chromebooks for?

A: Here are some other ways that you can use the Chromebook:

  • Record your assignments in your very own personal calendar.

  • Set the due dates for your assignments so that you don’t forget to turn things in!

  • Email teachers within minutes about a missing assignment or if you forgot something in your last class.

  • Google Earth - its always fun to explore around the world; watch videos about and see pictures of places that you hope to visit some day.

  • Forgot your calculator for math class? Check out your Chromebook calculator!

  • Do you and your friends love to make videos for class projects? You can make a full-length video OR even just a trailer.

  • Have to do a history research project? There are several apps available that can be very helpful.

  • You have the internet at your fingertips! Gone are the days of the broken laptop carts and computer labs that only work half the time! Researching for class projects, checking your email, getting the latest news for current events... it’s all available to you!

  • Keep notes at Evernote! It is an app on the Chromebook, but it connects into the cloud, and you can have Evernote on multiple devices and they all sync up.

Q: What content can access from my Chromebook?

A:  Chromebooks will be configured with Parental Controls enabled and subject to content filtering at the network level.

  • Only the district can change the Parental Controls

  • The district’s content filtering software is not installed on the device, but is filtered with the device is connected to the district network.  Content is not filtered when the device is off the district network.  Parents should use their own judgement when exploring content filtering options at home.  One option is is

  • A good resource to support parents and students with digital citizenship is

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