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Get Involved

At Derby North Middle School, we offer a variety of opportunities for students, families, staff and volunteers to get involved. Students can join clubs and organizations, participate in a variety of activities or fundraisers, and volunteer for community service projects. Families can attend school events and join the school's PT- North (Parent/Teacher) Group to support their child's education. Staff members can lead clubs and activities, mentor students and participate in professional development opportunities. Volunteers can assist with school events, chaperone field trips, and provide support in the classroom.

Unique Experiences  
Our courtyards with solar panels impress visitors and are part of the unique daily experiences for our students. A wide variety of extracurricular options also enhance the experience for Falcon students. These include a full compliment of sports and a wide variety of clubs and activities. Other offerings include Scholar’s Bowl, spelling bees, math relays, KAY Club and clubs centered around recycling, drama, choir, weightlifting, jazz band, solar power, robotics and computer coding.